On the third Sunday of Lent - we continue our journey together to the foot of the cross as we look at God’s Instructions. In Exodus chapter 20 God gave Moses the 10 commandments. Throughout much of the Old Testament we read a lot about the laws, guidelines and expectations God has for his people. Our 21st century culture thinks God is just vengeful looking for ways that we mess up. But the reality is: Jesus says the most important commandment is to Love God + Others.

Below you will find scripture texts and reflection questions to follow along. 

            Exodus 20:1-17  

            Leviticus 18:19

            Jeremiah 29:11

            Matthew 22:34-38

Reflection Questions

  1. What one thought or idea stood out to you today?

  2. According to Exodus 20:1 what does God give the people?

  3. How does thinking about God's commandments as instructions differ from viewing them as rules or laws?

  4. How might the world's view of God change if they understood His plans as "good and not for disaster?

  5. ACTIVATE: This week, Read the Ten Commandments again, found in Exodus 20:1-17 and pair it with the Greatest Commandment, found in Matthew 22:34-38 and draw close to the Kingdom of God!