We look at El Chay - the Living God, the 8th name in our Names of God series. Perhaps one of the most important names, it reminds us that God is not static or dead. He is not stone or metal. He is not gold or leather. He was not made. Rather he is the author and maker of all that is living. When we declare that Jesus is the Son of God, we have God living in us. This is our God, this is El Chay!

Below are the scripture texts for our time together.

    Psalm 42:1-8

    Isaiah 46:1-9

    Matthew 16:13-20

    1 John 4:13-19

Reflection Questions

  1. What one thought or idea stood out to you today?

  2. According to Psalm 42:2 - who did the Psalmist "thirst" for?

  3. What takes priority in our culture (or even in your life) over God?

  4. Why do you think it is so important for the Bible to reiterate as often as it does that God is the living God?

  5. How can you center your life to reflect the Living God?

  6. ACTIVATE: This week, love God and love others - for this is how the world will know the Living God!