In Philippians chapter two Paul encourages us to love one another and work together with one mind and one purpose. This call is quite different from the individualistic voices we hear clamoring throughout our culture. We are constantly being pulled, and sometimes even running full bore in every possible direction. But as the people of God, we are called to something different. We are called to have the same attitude that Jesus has - and live with one mind and one purpose!

Below you will find scripture texts and reflection questions to follow along. 

            Philippians 2:1-5    

            Joshua 1:9

            John 4:1-30

            Philippians 2:6-11

Reflection Questions

  1. What one thought or idea stood out to you today?

  2. According to Philippians 2:4 instead of looking out for ourselves, what are we to do?

  3. Reflect back upon your someone who was not from your immediate family who took an interest in you. What difference did that relationship make?

  4. What might God be talking to you about giving up in order to connect with others in one mind and purpose?

  5. ACTIVATE: This week, take on the attitude of Christ and love one another as you work together with one mind and purpose - not your purpose, but HIS!