Welcome to Summit church

At SUMMIT we are joining God in transforming Estes Valley through the HOPE of Christ.


As a faith community made up of ordinary people, we are finding hope in the gracious love of Jesus! We gather at different times throughout the week and every Sunday morning at 10:00 a.m. to worship God through singing, studying the scriptures, praying for one another, and gathering at the table. All are welcome to join us at the SUMMIT!

SUNDAYS @ 10:00am

We gather each week at the Estes Park Community Center located at 660 Community Dr.

30 Days of Prayer with Summit Church

Jan 15 - Pray for strength to partner w/ Christ

Jan 16 - Pray for your family and your home

Jan 17 - Pray for those who are sick or struggling

Jan 18 - Pray for your neighbors and community

Jan 19 - Pray for the Estes Park school, teachers, and staff

Jan 20 - Pray for a desire to read the Bible more

Jan 21 - Pray for the staff & leadership of SUMMIT Church

Jan 22 - Pray for the SUMMIT Kids & Youth

Jan 23 - Pray for those in Estes who don't know Christ

Jan 24 - Pray today without asking for anything

Jan 25 - Pray for SUMMIT Church and our new building

Jan 26 - Pray for God to reveal the talents He has given you

Jan 27 - Pray for ears to hear the Holy Spirit speaking to you

Jan 28 - Pray for the ministries of SUMMIT and their impact

Jan 29 - Pray for the unity of Christ to transform our church

Jan 30 - Pray for an opportunity to share your story of faith

Jan 31 - Pray for those who have been influential in your life

Feb 1 - Pray for those in prison and their families

Feb 2 - Pray for your eyes to be open to those who need Him

Feb 3 - Pray for our nation, president, and local government

Feb 4 - Pray for the finances of SUMMIT Church

Feb 5 - Pray for wisdom and discernment

Feb 6 - Pray for those who are hungry around the world

Feb 7 - Pray for the marriages of people you know

Feb 8 - Pray for those who have lost loved ones

Feb 9 - Pray for strength to forgive others

Feb 10 - Pray for SUMMIT Church to be active & alive

Feb 11 - Pray for the Holy Spirit to fill your life

Feb 12 - Pray for the HOPE of Christ to transform Estes

Feb 13 - Pray for the LOVE of God to transform your heart

Feb 19 - Join us at our office building (600 S St Vrain) to pray together at 5 pm