Prayer WALK

Prayer Walk

1: From front door of church office head west toward Hwy 7 and turn right onto walking path

2: Walk north to Fourth Street and turn right walking on the left side of the road toward Hwy 36.

3: Cross Hwy 36 and turn right onto path that follows power lines

4: When you get to the walking path tunnel turn right following the path through the tunnel. Stay on path walking past Dog Park around the HS to Brodie

5: Turn right on Brodie walking on the right side of the road in front of Administration Building and Elementary School toward Community Drive

6. At Community Drive turn right staying on the right side of the road toward Graves Ave.

7: Walk up Graves Ave back to church office.

Possible Specifics to pray as you walk

1: Always begin in an attitude of thanksgiving offering God worship and praise celebrating who He is, He has done, what He is doing and will do.

2: Ask God to give you specific wisdom as to what to pray and how to pray.

3: Like the Children of Israel, walk in confidence knowing that everywhere you set your foot you are claiming for God’s kingdom purposes. Believe that you are literally praying a circle around an area in which God will increase Kingdom advance.

4: Thank God that He has strategically placed our church office in this area and allowed us to worship in the high school as a seed of a greater thing that He wants to do in this area. This is largely to do with ministering to kids and their families

5: Ask God to help us to walk in unity and wisdom. Pray that we will never get ahead of Him, but allow Him to lead us.

6: Pray for community and school leaders, for teachers and students and for believers in each of these venues asking God to give you wisdom how to pray.

7: Believe for miracles