The Arts of Spiritual Conversation

The Arts of Spiritual Conversations series helps you practice nine everyday activities that open a gateway for talking about God naturally with anyone. These practices reflect the way that Jesus interacted with people around him. Getting started is as simple as noticing, praying, and listening. Please join the discussion at Summit Church by visiting the Blog page.

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Spiritual Group Coaching for Women

You want to grow spiritually…

                You want to know God and hear His direction in your life…

                                   You want Him to transform you…

                                                     You want to serve Him with your one and only life…

Our hearts long to be the woman God created us to be. Too often, life gets in the way or we may not know how to even get started! Spiritual Coaching could be the key commitment needed to help you move forward from… where you are to where you want to be… in your journey with God.


The Group Coaching Session:

• Is one hour. We will be meeting via a ‘tele-bridge’ line. More about that in a moment…

• It is something you experience in the moment. Insights, awareness’s, nudges can come in the session and/or in the days following the session.

• A group coach is not a teacher, counselor or fixer. As the coach for this group, my role is to ask powerful questions to pull out answers which are already inside of you. Also to strategize with you, help you create an action plan each week, hold you accountable to do what you said you would do, help you rework the action plan if it did not serve you well that week and make another plan for better results in the coming week. My role is also to pray for God’s help, answers, direction, etc.

• The Holy Spirit dwells inside His believers and has all the answers ready to share with you.

Between Sessions:

• Is where most of the growth happens!

• As you follow your action plan God will meet you. He will be revealing Himself in the time you give to your plan. A little or a lot, He’ll use His time with you!


• Will play an important role for all of the above. If you ask God to be your Personal Coach, He will do it! No other coach, teacher, counselor, or listener can measure up to what He will be!

• The time you take to talk and listen to His Spirit (prayer) will guide you in your action plan.


• Believe it or not, most life coaching is done via tele-conferencing on a ‘tele-bridge line’. I know… I couldn’t believe community could be created on a conference call! But I have experienced it myself! I have the conference call number; all you will need to do is call the number at the time we meet. It’s that simple!

• Tele-coaching can be more effective than in-person for several reasons: 1) Tele-Coaching is practical and convenient! There is no traffic, no travel, no parking, no gas expense or related concerns, 2) Listening can be more soulful and maximized due to less visual distractions.


• As I’ve said, God is the Master Coach. I am a Certified Life Coach (CLC) desiring to use my skills to enhance your life for God. The invitation to join this opportunity is open to any woman seeking to move forward in her walk with the God of the Bible.


• Email me at and let me know you want to be a part of the group! I will send you additional information and paperwork for you to fill out prior to our first call.