Life Groups


    -Pastoral Prayer, 9:45 am, at the High School

    -Morning Celebration, 10:00 am, High School Auditorium

    -Summit Kids, 10:00 am, at the High School

    -Summit Youth Group, 6:30 pm, Church Office


-Life Group, 6:30 pm, Church Office, led by Aaron Bojan, 810-712-3787


-Men’s Bible Study, 6:50 am at Church Office, Dick Mulhern

-Women’s Study at the Home of Lea Hemphill, 970-577-0668

-Bible 101 Study, 7:00 pm at the Church Office, led by Joy and Rich Savage


-Women’s Bible Study at the Church Office, 6:30 PM

-Yarringtons’ Life Group, 6:30 pm at the Berrys’ home. Contact Susan, 970-586-4591


    -Mighty Men Prayer, 8:00 am, call Dan Claassen 970-586-1882, Church Office

    -The Adventurers Life Group, 6:30 pm, meeting at the Thompsons’, 970-590-9941

    -Prayer Meeting, 6:30 pm at the Church Office